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Plinio el Joven

Fecha de nacimiento: 61 d.C.
Fecha de muerte: 113
Otros nombres: Plinio il Giovane

Cayo Plinio Cecilio Segundo , conocido como Plinio el Joven, fue un abogado, escritor y científico de la antigua Roma. Wikipedia

Frases Plinio el Joven

„No hay libro tan malo que no sirva para algo“

—  Plinio el Joven

Original: (la) Nullum esse librum tam malum ut non áliqua parte prodesset.
Fuente: Epist. 3,5

„It is in the body politic, as in the natural, those disorders are most dangerous that flow from the head.“

—  Pliny the Younger

Letter 22, 7.
Letters, Book IV
Original: (la) Utque in corporibus sic in imperio gravissimus est morbus, qui a capite diffunditur.

„Objects which are usually the motives of our travels by land and by sea are often overlooked and neglected if they lie under our eye.“

—  Pliny the Younger

Letter 20, 1.
Letters, Book VIII
Original: (la) Ad quae noscenda iter ingredi, transmittere mare solemus, ea sub oculis posita neglegimu. ... Differimus tamquam saepe visuri, quod datur videre quotiens velis cernere.
Contexto: Objects which are usually the motives of our travels by land and by sea are often overlooked and neglected if they lie under our eye.... We put off from time to time going and seeing what we know we have an opportunity of seeing when we please.

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„His only fault is that he has no fault.“

—  Pliny the Younger

Letter 26, 1.
Letters, Book IX
Original: (la) Nihil peccat, nisi quod nihil peccat.

„It is the usual though inequitable method of the world, to pronounce an action to be either right or wrong, as it is attended with good or ill success.“

—  Pliny the Younger

Letter 9, 7.
Letters, Book V
Original: (la) Est omnino iniquum, sed usu receptum, quod honesta consilia vel turpia, prout male aut prospere cedunt, ita vel probantur vel reprehenduntur.

„Such are the vicissitudes of our mortal lot: misfortune is born of prosperity, and good fortune of ill-luck.“

—  Pliny the Younger

Original: (la) Habet has vices conditio mortalium, ut adversa ex secundis, ex adversis secunda nascantur.

„We should read much, we should not read many books.“

—  Pliny the Younger

Letter 9, 15.
Letters, Book VII
Original: (la) Multum legendum esse, non multa.

„Experience, that excellent master.“

—  Pliny the Younger

Letter 20, 12.
Letters, Book I
Original: (la) Usus, magister egregius.

„A man must rate public and permanent, above private and fleeting advantages and study how to render his benefaction most useful, rather than how he may bestow it with least expense.“

—  Pliny the Younger

Letter 18, 5.
Letters, Book VII
Original: (la) Oportet privatis utilitatibus publicas, mortalibus aeternas anteferre, multoque diligentius muneri suo consulere quam facultatibus.

„They will by this means receive their education where they receive their birth, and be accustomed from their infancy to inhabit and affect their native soil.“

—  Pliny the Younger

Letter 13, 9.
Letters, Book IV
Original: (la) Educentur hic qui hic nascuntur, statimque ab infantia natale solum amare frequentare consuescant.

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“

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