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Robert Mitchum

Fecha de nacimiento: 6. Agosto 1917
Fecha de muerte: 1. Julio 1997


Robert Charles Durman Mitchum fue un prolífico actor de cine y cantante estadounidense nominado al premio Óscar. Mitchum es recordado principalmente por sus papeles como protagonista en algunas de las obras más importantes del género conocido como cine negro, y considerado como el precursor del antihéroe prevalente en el cine de los años 1950 y 1960.

Frases Robert Mitchum

„Hey, I get enough exercise; I breathe in and I breathe out.“

— Robert Mitchum
Responding to a request that Mitchum join Stuart Whitman and friends for some skeet shooting, concluding with the Whitman's observation,"You need some exercise"; as quoted by Whitman during a [ post-screening Q & A] at the on Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival in Palm Springs on May 18, 2013

„She may have been right. Looking back, I suppose I was expecting, as a young actor, to discuss Stanislavski or 'Acting as an art.' Instead, I palled around with the crew—the grips, the stagehands—and the conversation centered around the two B's—broads and booze.“

— Robert Mitchum
Recalling Katharine Hepburn's assertion that he couldn't act and owed his success solely to his good looks; as quoted in [ "Kate and Deborah Disagree"], in The San Bernardino Sun (October 31, 1982)


„For a while it looked like I was going to be stuck in westerns. I figured out I could make 6 a year for 60 years and then retire. I decided I didn't want it. So I started blinking my eyes every time a gun went off in the scenes. That got me out of westerns.“

— Robert Mitchum
As quoted in [,+he+said,+it+looked+like+I+was+going+to+be+stuck+in+westerns.+I+figured+out+I+could+make+six+a+year+for+GO+years+und+then+retire.+I+decided+I+didn't+want+it.%22&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8 "In Hollywood"] by Erskine Johnson (NEA), in The Blytheville Courier News (May 2, 1946)

„I usually take no notice of reviews unless a critic has thought up some new way of describing me. That old one about the way I sleep my way through pictures is so hackneyed now.“

— Robert Mitchum
As quoted in [ "Kate and Deborah Disagree"]

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