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Russell Baker

Fecha de nacimiento: 14. Agosto 1925
Fecha de muerte: 21. Enero 2019
Otros nombres: Russell Wayne Baker

Russell Wayne Baker [1]​ fue un articulista de periódicos estadounidense.

Frases Russell Baker

„Parece ser una ley de la vida estadounidense que lo que nos enriquece en cualquier lugar, excepto en la billetera, inevitablemente se vuelve antieconómico.“

—  Russell Baker

Original: «It seems to be a law of American life that whatever enriches us anywhere except in the wallet inevitably becomes uneconomic.»
Fuente: Dehgan, Bahman. America in Quotations. Edición ilustrada. Editorial McFarland, 2003. ISBN 9780786415861. p. 199.
Fuente: Carta al editor [sin título], The New York Times del 24 de marzo de 1968.

„La gente parece disfrutar más las cosas cuando saben que muchas otras personas han quedado fuera del placer.“

—  Russell Baker

Original: «People seem to enjoy things more when they know a lot of other people have been left out of the pleasure.»
Fuente: Tibballs, Geoff. The Mammoth Book of Comic Quotes. Editorial Hachette UK, 2012. ISBN 9781780337227.
Fuente: The Sport of Counting Each Other Out, The New York Times del 2 de noviembre de 1967.

„La cruel ley de la vida es que un problema resuelto crea dos nuevos problemas, y la mejor receta para una vida feliz es no resolver más problemas de los necesarios.“

—  Russell Baker

Original: «The cruel law of life is that a solved problem creates two new problems, and the best prescription for happy living is not to solve any more problems than you have to.»
Fuente: Baker, Russell. All Things Considered. Editorial Lippincott, 1965. p. 155.
Fuente: The Big Problem Binge, The New York Times del 18 de marzo de 1965.

„En Estados Unidos, es el deporte lo que es el opio de las masas.“

—  Russell Baker

Original: «In America, it is sport that is the opiate of the masses.»
Fuente: Dehgan, Bahman. America in Quotations. Edición ilustrada. Editorial McFarland, 2003. ISBN 9780786415861. p. 82.
Fuente: The Muscular Opiate, The New York Times del 10 de marzo de 1967.

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„In televisionland we are all sophisticated enough now to realize that every statistic has an equal and opposite statistic somewhere in the universe. It is not a candidate's favorite statistic per se that engages us, but the assurance with which he can use it.
We are testing the candidates for self-confidence, for "Presidentiality" in statistical bombardment. It doesn't really matter if their statistics be homemade. What settles the business is the cool with which they are dropped.
And so, as the second half hour treads the decimaled path toward the third hour, we become aware of being locked in a tacit conspiracy with the candidates. We know their statistics go to nothing of importance, and they know we know, and we know they know we know.
There is total but unspoken agreement that the "debate," the arguments which are being mustered here, are of only the slightest importance.
As in some primitive ritual, we all agree — candidates and onlookers — to pretend we are involved in a debate, although the real exercise is a test of style and manners. Which of the competitors can better execute the intricate maneuvers prescribed by a largely irrelevant ritual?
This accounts for the curious lack of passion in both performers. Even when Ford accuses Carter of inconsistency, it is done in a flat, emotionless, game-playing style. The delivery has the tuneless ring of an old press release from the Republican National Committee. Just so, when Carter has an opportunity to set pulses pounding by denouncing the Nixon pardon, he dances delicately around the invitation like a maiden skirting a bog.
We judge that both men judge us to be drained of desire for passion in public life, to be looking for Presidents who are cool and noninflammable. They present themselves as passionless technocrats using an English singularly devoid of poetry, metaphor and even coherent forthright declaration.
Caught up in the conspiracy, we watch their coolness with fine technical understanding and, in the final half hour, begin asking each other for technical judgments. How well is Carter exploiting the event to improve our image of him? Is Ford's television manner sufficiently self-confident to make us sense him as "Presidential"?
It is quite extraordinary. Here we are, fully aware that we are being manipulated by image projectionists, yet happily asking ourselves how obligingly we are submitting to the manipulation. It is as though a rat running a maze were more interested in the psychologist's charts on his behavior than in getting the cheese at the goal line.“

—  Russell Baker

"And All of Us So Cool" (p.340)
There's a Country in My Cellar (1990)

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