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Thomas Middleton

Fecha de nacimiento: 18. Abril 1580
Fecha de muerte: 4. Julio 1627

Thomas Middleton , dramaturgo inglés de teatro renacentista inglés.

Frases Thomas Middleton

„La verdad no necesita el oropel de la retórica.“

—  Thomas Middleton
Original: «The truth does not need the tinsel of rhetoric». Source: Middleton, Thomas. Thomas Middleton: The Collected Works Oxford Middleton. Editores Gary Taylor, John Lavagnino. Edición ilustrada, reimpresa. Editorial OUP Oxford, 2010. ISBN 9780199580538.

„La justicia puede adormecerse un poco, pero al final ve claro“

—  Thomas Middleton
Original: «Justice can be numbed a little, but in the end it sees clearly».

„Una de las ventajas de ser desordenado es que uno está continuamente haciendo nuevos y excitantes descubrimientos.“

—  Thomas Middleton
Source: Rey, Alan. Hacer marketing. Pocket Management. Editorial Vergara & Riba Editoras, 2006 ISBN 987920199X, 9789879201992. p. 42.

„All is not gold that glisteneth.“

—  Thomas Middleton, A Fair Quarrel
A Fair Quarrel (1616), Act v. Sc. 1. Compare: "But all thing which that shineth as the gold, Ne is no gold, as I have herd it told", Chaucer, Canterbury Tales, "The Chanones Yemannes Tale", Line 16430.

„Black spirits and white, red spirits and gray,
Mingle, mingle, mingle, you that mingle may.“

—  Thomas Middleton, The Witch
The Witch (1616), Act v. Sc. 2. Compare: Macbeth, act iv. sc. 1. According to Steevens, "the song was, in all probability, a traditional one"; Collier says, "Doubtless it does not belong to Middleton more than to Shakespeare"; Dyce says, "There seems to be little doubt that ‘Macbeth’ is of an earlier date than ‘The Witch’".

„A flat case as plain as a pack-staff.“

—  Thomas Middleton
The Family of Love (co-written with Thomas Dekker, 1602-7), Act v. Sc. 3. Compare: "Plain as a pike-staff", Terence in English (1641); Buckingham, Speech in the House of Lords, 1675; Gil Blas (Smollett’s translation), book xii. chap. viii. John Byrom, Epistle to a Friend.

„Tis slight, not strength, that gives the greatest lift.“

—  Thomas Middleton, Michaelmas Term
Michaelmas Term (1602), Act iv. Sc. 1. Compare: "It is not strength, but art, obtains the prize", Alexander Pope, The Iliad, book xxiii. line 383.

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„The better day, the better deed.“

—  Thomas Middleton
The Phœnix (1603-4), Act iii. Sc. 1. Compare: "The better day, the worse deed", Mathew Henry, Commentaries, Genesis iii.

„As true as I live.“

—  Thomas Middleton
The Family of Love (co-written with Thomas Dekker, 1602-7), Act v. Sc. 3.

„Spick and span new.“

—  Thomas Middleton
The Family of Love (co-written with Thomas Dekker, 1602-7), Act iv. Sc. 3. Compare: "Spick and span new", Ford, The Lover’s Melancholy, act i. sc. 1. George Farquhar, Preface to his Works.

„In spite of my teeth.“

—  Thomas Middleton
A Trick to catch the Old One (1605), act i, sc. 2.

„Turn over a new leaf.“

—  Thomas Middleton, Anything for a Quiet Life
Anything for a Quiet Life (1621), Act iii. Sc. 3. Compare: "Turn over a new leaf", Thomas Dekker, The Honest Whore, part ii, Act i. sc. 2.

„As the case stands.“

—  Thomas Middleton
The Old Law (1618-19), Act ii. Sc. 1. Co-written with William Rowley and perhaps a third collaborator, who may have been Philip Massinger or Thomas Heywood. Compare: "As the case stands", Mathew Henry, Commentaries, Psalm cxix.

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