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William Lane Craig

Fecha de nacimiento: 23. Agosto 1949

William Lane Craig es un filósofo[2]​ analítico y teólogo[3]​ cristiano bautista estadounidense. El trabajo filosófico de Craig se enfoca en la filosofía de la religión, la metafísica y la filosofía del tiempo. Su interés teológico se encuentra en los estudios del Jesús histórico y en la teología filosófica. Craig ha hecho importantes contribuciones a las discusiones del argumento cosmológico a favor de la existencia de Dios, de la omnisciencia divina, de las teorías del tiempo y la eternidad, y de la historicidad de la resurrección de Jesús. Su investigación actual trata con la aseidad divina de Dios y con el desafío que plantean los relatos platónicos de los objetos abstractos para esta doctrina. Craig es autor de varios libros, el más notable de ellos Reasonable Faith, publicado en español como Fe Razonable.[4]​[5]​

Frases William Lane Craig

„Well, there are two kinds of people in the world, my friend. Those who show up and those who get Eastwooded. You get Eastwooded.“

—  William Lane Craig

to an empty chair representing Richard Dawkins, Contending with Christianity's Critics Conference, Watermark Community Church, Dallas,
viewable at [2012-10-09, Eastwooding Richard Dawkins, ReasonableFaithOrg, YouTube,, 2012-10-10] Also quoted in [2012-10-09, Christian Apologist ‘Eastwooding’ After Richard Dawkins Refuses Debate, Michael, Gryboski, The Christian Post,, 2012-10-10]

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„Hitchens: I've got another question for you, which is this: How many religions in the world do you believe to be false?
Craig: I don't know how many religions in the world there are, so I can’t answer.
Hitchens: Well, could you name... fair enough. I'll see if I can't narrow that down. That was a clumsily asked question, I admit. Do you regard any of the world's religions to be false?
Craig: Excuse me?
Hitchens: Do you regard any of the world's religions to be false preaching?
Craig: Yes, I think—yes, certainly.
Hitchens: Would you name one, then?
Craig: Islam.
Hitchens: That's quite a lot.
Craig: Pardon me?
Hitchens: That's quite a lot.
Craig: Yes.
Hitchens: Do you, therefore—do you think it's moral to preach false religion?
Craig: No.
Hitchens: So religion is responsible for quite a lot of wickedness in the world right there?
Craig: Certainly.
Hitchens: Right.
Craig: I'd be happy to concede (laughs) that. I would agree with that.
Hitchens: So if I was a baby being born in Saudi Arabia today, would you rather it was me or a Wahhabi Muslim?
Craig: Would I be—you rather be what?
Hitchens: Would you rather it was me—it was an atheist baby or a Wahhabi baby?
(Audience and Dr. Craig laugh):
Craig: I-I don't have any preference as to whether you would be... (laughing)
Hitchens: You don’t? As bad as that, O. K. Are there any—I'm sorry. I've only got a few seconds. It's a serious question. I shouldn't squander it. Are there any Christian denominations you regard as false?
Craig: Certainly.
Hitchens: Could I know what they are?
Craig: Well, I am not a Calvinist, for example. I think that certain tenets of Reformed Theology are incorrect. I would be more in the Wesleyan Camp myself. But these are differences among brethren. These are not differences on which we need to put one another in some sort of a cage. So within the Christian camp, there's a large diversity of perspectives. I'm sure there are views that I hold that are probably false, but I'm trying my best to get my theology straight, trying to do the best job. But I think all of us would recognize that none of us agree on every point of Christian doctrine, on every dot and tittle.“

—  William Lane Craig

Craig vs Christopher Hitchens debate, Biola University, La Mirada, California, 4th April 2009

„There is one important aspect of my answer that I would change, however. I have come to appreciate as a result of a closer reading of the biblical text that God’s command to Israel was not primarily to exterminate the Canaanites but to drive them out of the land. It was the land that was (and remains today!) paramount in the minds of these Ancient Near Eastern peoples. The Canaanite tribal kingdoms which occupied the land were to be destroyed as nation states, not as individuals. The judgment of God upon these tribal groups, which had become so incredibly debauched by that time, is that they were being divested of their land. Canaan was being given over to Israel, whom God had now brought out of Egypt. If the Canaanite tribes, seeing the armies of Israel, had simply chosen to flee, no one would have been killed at all. There was no command to pursue and hunt down the Canaanite peoples.
It is therefore completely misleading to characterize God’s command to Israel as a command to commit genocide. Rather it was first and foremost a command to drive the tribes out of the land and to occupy it. Only those who remained behind were to be utterly exterminated. There may have been no non-combatants killed at all. That makes sense of why there is no record of the killing of women and children, such as I had vividly imagined. Such scenes may have never taken place, since it was the soldiers who remained to fight. It is also why there were plenty of Canaanite people around after the conquest of the land, as the biblical record attests.“

—  William Lane Craig, libro Reasonable Faith

[Subject: The “Slaughter” of the Canaanites Re-visited, Reasonable Faith,, 2011-10-20], quoted in [Why I refuse to debate with William Lane Craig, Richard, Dawkins, Guardian, 2011-10-20,, 2011-10-20]

„What good does it do to pray about anything if the outcome is not affected? I would say when God chooses which world to actualize, he takes into account the prayers that would be offered in that world. We shouldn't think prayer is about changing the mind of God. He's omniscient; he already knows the future, but prayer makes a difference in that it can affect what world God has chosen to create.“

—  William Lane Craig

William Lane Craig: God Hears Your Super Bowl Prayers
Kate Shellnutt
Christianity Today
Posed question: "What’s the value in praying for God's will to be done for the outcome of a game if God's will will be done whether we pray or not?"

„Is there no reason for life? And what of the universe? Is is utterly pointless? If its destiny is a cold grave in the recesses of outer space, then the answer must be yes.“

—  William Lane Craig

Is There Meaning to Life? Jordan Peterson, Rebecca Goldstein, William Lane Craig, Debate at Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto
26 January 2018
YouTube (9:07 into video)

„As we progress further into the 21st century, I anticipate that natural theology will be an increasingly relevant and vital preparation for people to receive the gospel.“

—  William Lane Craig

God Is Not Dead Yet: How current philosophers argue for his existence.

03 July 2008

Christianity Today

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“

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