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William Temple

Fecha de nacimiento: 15. Octubre 1881
Fecha de muerte: 26. Octubre 1944
Otros nombres:Sir William Temple


William Temple , pastor anglicano, arzobispo de York y de Canterbury , destacó en el campo del ecumenismo.

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Frases William Temple

„All the precepts of Christianity agree to teach and command us to moderate our passions, to temper our affections towards all things below; to be thankful for the possession, and patient under the loss whenever he that gave it shall see fit to take away.“

— William Temple
"To the Countess of Essex, Upon Her Grief occasioned by the loss of Her only Daughter" (29 January 1674), in Miscellanea (4th ed. pub. 1705), p. 172. Variant: "Christianity teaches us to moderate our passions; to temper our affections toward all things below; to be thankful for the possession, and patient under loss, whenever He who gave shall see fit to take away." Reported in Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), p. 140.


„Whoever converses much among the old books, will be something hard to please among the new.“

— William Temple
Miscellanea (1690), Part II, Essay "Upon the Ancient and Modern Learning".

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