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Alfred De Vigny

Fecha de nacimiento: 27. Marzo 1797
Fecha de muerte: 17. Septiembre 1863

Alfred Victor de Vigny fue un poeta, dramaturgo, y novelista francés.

„Nunca he encontrado un hombre de quien no haya aprendido algo.“

„El honor es la poesía del deber.“

„Los actores son muy felices, porque tienen una gloria sin responsabilidad.“

„El querer lo es todo en la vida. Si queréis ser felices lo seréis. Es la voluntad la que transporta las montañas.“

„El gobierno menos malo es aquel que se hace menos ostentación, que se hace sentir menos y que resulta menos caro.“

„Ciudadano verdaderamente libre es aquel que no depende de los gobiernos ni les debe nada.“

„El fuerte determina los acontecimientos; el débil sufre lo que el destino le impone.“

„Sólo el silencio es grandioso; todo lo demás es debilidad.“

„I have a private theory, Sir, that there are no heroes and no monsters in this world. Only children should be allowed to use these words“ Stello

„I admit that I myself am far from having a complete command of every topic I touch on, but my knowledge of my subject is always greater than the interest or the understanding of my auditors. You see, there is one very good thing about mankind; the mediocre masses make very few demands of the mediocrities of a higher order, submitting stupidly and cheerfully to their guidance“ Stello

„Hope is the greatest madness. What can we expect of a world that we enter with the assurance of seeing our fathers and mothers die? A world where, if two beings love each other and give their lives to each other, both can be sure that one will watch the other perish?“ Stello

„The loveliest Muse in the world does not feed her owner; these girls make fine mistresses but terrible wives“ Stello

„To hold power has always meant to manipulate idiots and circumstances; and those circumstances and those idiots, tossed together, bring about those coincidences to which even the greatest men confess they owe most of their fame“ Stello

„The first among mankind will always be those who make something imperishable out of a sheet of paper, a canvas, a piece of marble, or a few sounds“ Stello

„Oh, I have a habit of letting myself be lectured on the things I know best. I like to see if they are understood in the same way I understand; for there are many ways of knowing the same thing“ Stello

„Observe this fact: in the history of mankind, every ruler who has lacked personal greatness has been forced to compensate for the deficiency by setting up the executioner at his right hand like a guardian angel“ Stello

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