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George Gershwin

Fecha de nacimiento: 26. Septiembre 1898
Fecha de muerte: 11. Julio 1937


George Gershwin , con nombre de nacimiento Jacob Gershovitz, fue un compositor y pianista estadounidense.

Frases George Gershwin

„Jazz I regard as an American folk music; not the only one, but a very powerful one which is probably in the blood and feeling of the American people more than any other style of folk music.“

— George Gershwin
"The Relation of Jazz to American Music", in Henry Cowell (ed.) American Composers on American Music (1933); reprinted in Gregory R. Suriano (ed.) Gershwin in His Time (New York: Gramercy, 1998) p. 97.


„The European boys have small ideas but they sure know how to dress 'em up.“

— George Gershwin
Remark quoted in Vernon Duke "Gershwin, Schillinger and Dukelsky: Some Reminiscences", The Musical Quarterly vol. 33 (1947).


„My people are American, my time is today…music must repeat the thought and aspirations of the times.“

— George Gershwin
Quoted in Merle Armitage Accent on America (New York: E. Weyhe, 1944) p. 292.

„I frequently hear music in the heart of noise.“

— George Gershwin
Letter to Isaac Goldberg; published in Joan Peyser The Memory of All That (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1993) p. 80.

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