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Gottlob Frege

Fecha de nacimiento: 8. Noviembre 1848
Fecha de muerte: 26. Julio 1925
Otros nombres:Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege


Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege fue un matemático, lógico y filósofo alemán, padre de la lógica matemática y la filosofía analítica. Frege es ampliamente reconocido como el mayor lógico desde Aristóteles.[cita requerida]

Frases Gottlob Frege


„A scientist can hardly meet with anything more undesirable than to have the foundations give way just as the work is finished. I was put in this position by a letter from Mr. Bertrand Russell when the work was nearly through the press.“

— Gottlob Frege
Note in the appendix of Grundlagen der Arithmetik (Vol. 2) after Frege had received a letter of Bertrand Russell in which Russell had explained his discovery of, what is now known as, Russell's paradox.


„This ideography is a "formula language", that is, a lingua characterica, a language written with special symbols, "for pure thought", that is, free from rhetorical embellishments, "modeled upon that of arithmetic", that is, constructed from specific symbols that are manipulated according to definite rules.“

— Gottlob Frege
paraphrasing Frege's Begriffsschrift, a formula language, modeled upon that of arithmetic, for pure thought (1879) in Jean Van Heijenoort ed., in From Frege to Gödel: A Source Book in Mathematical Logic, 1879-1931 (1967)

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