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Halle Berry

Fecha de nacimiento: 14. Agosto 1966
Otros nombres:Холли Берри


Halle Berry es una exmodelo y actriz de cine y televisión estadounidense ganadora de un Premio Óscar, un Globo de Oro, dos Premios del Sindicato de Actores, un Razzie y un Emmy.

Frases Halle Berry

„When I held that statuette, I felt as if I had won a triumph not just for myself, but for every other woman who'd struggled to overcome the same sort of background.“

— Halle Berry
On winning an Academy Award — reported in Barbara Davies (August 10, 2008) "Lost and Found", Sunday Telegraph Magazine, p. 18.


„As beautiful as Halle is on the outside, she's 10 times more beautiful on the inside.“

— Halle Berry
Rick Yune — reported in Amy Longsdorf (November 17, 2002) "Still flying, still down to earth - Nothing's been the same since Oscar night, except Halle Berry herself", The Record, p. E01.

„That was the first time she was given the opportunity to use what I think is still an underrated talent.“

— Halle Berry
James Foley, on Berry's performance in Monster's Ball — reported in Steven Rea (April 28, 2007) "The days are sweet for Berry", The Courier Mail, p. M04.

„I love Halle. She's so sweet. I connected with her immediately and, even though we only worked together for a few days, it was the best connection I've ever had with an actress. She made me feel like I could trust her.“

— Halle Berry
Penelope Cruz, on working with Berry in Gothika — reported in Los Angeles Daily News staff (November 20, 2003) "American Gothika; Halle Berry overcomes her career fear to take first marquee role in horror film", The Guelph Mercury, p. F12.

„I've always liked to go down a different path. Being a woman of color, I never followed a cookie cutter way.“

— Halle Berry
Cindy Pearlman (November 17, 2002) "Female Bonding - Hot on the Heels of her Academy-Award Winning Turn in 'Monster's Ball,' Halle Berry Shares the Screen With 007", Chicago Sun-Times, p. 1.

„The fact is that I like thrillers and action movies. But what really fulfills me is getting out of my comfort zone, taking chances.“

— Halle Berry
Terry Lawson (April 8, 2007) "Reporter, Temp, Online Seductress - Berry Revels In Film's Layered Role", Detroit Free Press, p. 1F.


„Sexiness is a state of mind -- a comfortable state of being. It's about loving yourself in your most unlovable moments.“

— Halle Berry
Suzanne Condie Lambert (October 9, 2008) "'Esquire' crowns Berry the sexiest woman alive", The Arizona Republic, p. E6.


„I've never been afraid to be who I really am on screen.“

— Halle Berry
Lana K. Wilson-Combs (November 21, 2003) "Halle Berry finally finds a scary movie she can embrace in 'Gothika'", Alameda Times-Star, Section: Bay Area Living.

„Actors always have to fight for the good parts. There are so few good roles written for women each year, and when one is written like this every actress in town covets the role.“

— Halle Berry
On her role in the film Things We Lost In The Fire — Western Mail staff (February 1, 2008) "From the grave to the cradle", Western Mail.

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