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Jeremy Corbyn

Fecha de nacimiento: 26. Mayo 1949


Jeremy Bernard Corbyn es un político británico. Desde el 12 de septiembre de 2015, es líder del Partido Laborista tras ser elegido en primarias con el 60 % de los votos y ostenta por ello el cargo oficial de Líder de La Muy Leal Oposición de Su Majestad en el Reino Unido.[1]​

Se define como pacifista y republicano, es vegetariano y utiliza la bicicleta para sus desplazamientos. Colabora habitualmente en campañas internacionales de Derechos Humanos. Participó en la Coalición Stop the War contra la guerra de Irak y en la campaña Solidaridad con Palestina; es también vicepresidente de la Campaña para el Desarme Nuclear. Luego del escándalo que estalló en 2009 en Gran Bretaña sobre los gastos de los parlamentarios, y se hizo la comparación entre todos ellos, Corbyn resultó ser quien pidió el menor reembolso de gastos de función en el período de mayo a agosto de 2010.[2]​

Frases Jeremy Corbyn

„That is the real pressure in our society.“

— Jeremy Corbyn
Context: There’s a lot of debate about what’s happening in the Labour party at the present time. And I am inundated with questions, questions, questions all the time. And I have patience that is infinite to answer questions, questions, questions. But one I got today really did puzzle me. They said: how are you coping with the pressure that’s on you? I simply said this: ‘There is no pressure on me. None whatsoever.’ The real pressure, the real pressure – real pressure – is when you don’t have enough money to feed your kids, when you don’t have a roof over your head, when you're wondering if you're going to be cared for. When you're wondering how you can survive. You're wondering how you're going to cope with the debts you've incurred … That is the real pressure in our society. For those people struggling on low pay, struggling on zero-hours contracts, not knowing what's coming from one week to the other, not knowing if they'll be able to pay the rent, not knowing if they're going to be homeless, not knowing if their children will end up in care, that's the kind of brutal pressure that's put on people every day of the week in this country. [ Speech] Jeremy Corbyn's speech at the Durham Miner's Gala during the Labour Party (UK) leadership election, 2016


„I believe honestly and deeply that the treatment of whales is an example of the evil intelligence of humankind in relation to the rest of the natural world. We have seen greed of the most impossible kind descending on the Arctic and the Antarctic to destroy the most intelligent and beautiful creatures that the planet can produce... We are in the process of destroying much of the planet through destruction of the ozone layer, leading to the greenhouse effect, and the destruction of life. The whale is an example of how such destruction happens. As the ozone layer is destroyed the plankton in the Southern ocean will die and the whales will lose much of their food. Last year we opposed the Antarctic Minerals Bill because we feared that it would lead to pollution of the Southern ocean and damage the whales' food supply. The Government must oppose any extension of whaling of any type, scientific or otherwise, and I hope and trust that they will do so. But we must go further. Countries which engage in the barbarity of so-called scientific whaling, which in reality is crude commercialism of the nastiest kind, deserve retribution from us all and we must bring every possible sanction to bear against them. If we do not take care of our planet and our environment, and of animals such as the whale, mankind will suffer and our planet will die because we have not cared for the natural environment that we all share.“

— Jeremy Corbyn
[ Speech] in the House of Commons (2 March 1990).

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