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John Gay

Fecha de nacimiento: 30. Junio 1685
Fecha de muerte: 4. Diciembre 1732

John Gay fue un poeta y dramaturgo inglés, conocido como el primero en escribir en su idioma materno fábulas en verso. Wikipedia

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„Whence thy learning? Hath thy toil
O'er books consumed the midnight oil?“

—  John Gay

Introduction, "The Shepherd and the Philosopher"; "Midnight oil" was a common phrase, used by Quarles, Shenstone, Cowper, Lloyd, and others.
Fables (1727)

„That raven on yon left-hand oak
(Curse on his ill-betiding croak!)
Bodes me no good.“

—  John Gay

Fable, The Farmer's Wife and the Raven. Comparable to: "It wasn't for nothing that the raven was just now croaking on my left hand", Plautus, Aulularia, act iv. sc. 3
Fables (1727)

„Lest men suspect your tale untrue,
Keep probability in view.“

—  John Gay

Fable, The Painter who pleased Nobody and Everybody
Fables (1727)

„How happy could I be with either,
Were t' other dear charmer away!“

—  John Gay

Act II, scene ii
The Beggar's Opera (1728)
Variante: How happy could I be with either,
Were t' other dear charmer away!

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