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Philippe Starck

Fecha de nacimiento: 18. Enero 1949


Philippe Patrick Starck es un diseñador industrial francés reconocido mundialmente por la funcionalidad y la estética de sus diseños.

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Frases Philippe Starck


„Everything I do is a symbol. Everything, has a meaning.“

—  Philippe Starck
Starck (1986) in: New York Magazine Vol. 19, nr. 39 (Oct 6, 1986) p. 30 ( online

„You must have your own responsibility, your own consciousness.“

—  Philippe Starck
Starck (2007) "Starck speaks: Politics, Pleasure and Play" in: The New Architectural Pragmatism William S. Saunders ed. p. 36


„The world wants water not taps, the world wants warmth not a heater.“

—  Philippe Starck
Attributed to Starck in: Iain Ellwood (2002) The Essential Brand Book. p. 148

„This museum is like a ghost train—at every stage you find a surprise. Intuition prepares you for enlightenment, not audio-visual lectures. There's less to read, more to fee.“

—  Philippe Starck
Starck cited in: Priscilla Boniface, Peter Jon Fowler (1993) Heritage and Tourism: In the Global Village. p. 161: Starck is talking about the .

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