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Tony Banks, Baron Stratford

Fecha de nacimiento: 8. Abril 1942
Fecha de muerte: 8. Enero 2006


Tony Banks, Baron Stratford era político británico.

Frases Tony Banks, Baron Stratford

„I am finding the inherent politeness of this place quite destabilising. Having come from a House where politeness is about as rare as an orderly queue at a London bus stop, the culture shock on entering your Lordships' House has been profound. Indeed, such relentless politeness is not merely destabilising, but positively exhausting.“

—  Tony Banks
maiden speech to the House of Lords, 20 July 2005; quoted by United Kingdom Parliament World Wide Web Service contrasting the House of Lords with the House of Commons.

„Living proof that a pig's bladder on the end of a stick can be elected to Parliament“

—  Tony Banks
"Tony Banks close to death after stroke", The Independent (online edition), 8 January 2006. on right-wing Conservative MP Terry Dicks


„Since the great days of Jimmy Greaves, it's the only time anyone's managed to score five times in a Chelsea shirt.“

—  Tony Banks
"The wit and wisdom of Tony Banks", BBC News, 8 January 2006. after a kiss-and-tell story appeared detailing how former Conservative minister David Mellor, his close friend and fellow Chelsea fan, wore football kit during sex.

„Personally I wish the police had truncheoned the English fans to death, but I can’t really say that on the record.“

—  Tony Banks
"Hopes fade for Tony Banks after holiday stroke",,2087-1975281,00.html, The Times Online, 8 January 2006. comment on football hooliganism abroad after allegations of police brutality against rioting English fans.

„I think my exact words were "Fuck me!"“

—  Tony Banks
Obituary, Daily Telegraph, 9 January 2006. Recounting his reaction on being appointed a minister.

„To make matters worse, they have elected a foetus as the party leader. I bet a lot of them wish they had not voted against abortion now!“

—  Tony Banks
"Beyond a joke: the ones that went too far",9029,1157599,00.html, Guardian Unlimited, 27 February 2004. comment on both the Conservative Party leader William Hague and the abortion debate at a Labour Party conference fringe meeting, 1997.

„... one of the most charismatic politicians in Britain, a true man of the people.“

—  Tony Banks
Tony Blair, British Prime Minister; quoted by BBC News

„I have gone to a safe house, as they say, so I might as well have a different name“

—  Tony Banks
"Banks changes name for Lords life", BBC News, 23 June 2005. on taking the title Lord Stratford when he entered the House of Lords.


„She is a half-mad old bag lady. The Finchley Whinger.“

—  Tony Banks on former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher again.

„We'll look back and wonder who were these barbarous people, just like we look back at those who supported bull-baiting“

—  Tony Banks
"Tony Banks close to death after stroke", The Independent (online edition), 8 January 2006. on fox-hunting.

„She behaves with all the sensitivity of a sex-starved boa constrictor“

—  Tony Banks,,1682818,00.html on former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

„If champagne ever wanted cheering up, it would drink Tony Banks.“

—  Tony Banks
Stephen Pound, MP; quoted on the Today programme, 9 January 2006.


„I found it intellectually numbing, tedious in the extreme. All you were was a sort of high-powered social worker and perhaps not even a good one. So I won't miss that.“

—  Tony Banks
"Obituary: Tony Banks", BBC News, 9 January 2006. comments on constituency work after standing down as an MP

„He was a fairly competent chairman of Housing [on Lambeth Council]. Every time he gets up now I keep thinking, "What on earth is Councillor Major doing?" I can't believe he's here and sometimes I think he can't either.“

—  Tony Banks
The Right Hon wag,,1682818,00.html, The Guardian, 10 January 2006. on seeing John Major in the House of Commons as Prime Minister.

„At one point Portillo was polishing his jackboots and planning the next advance. And the next thing is he shows up as a TV presenter. It is rather like Pol Pot presenting the Teletubbies.“

—  Tony Banks
Tribune Rally, September 1997; The Right Hon wag,,1682818,00.html, The Guardian, 10 January 2006. on Conservative politician Michael Portillo.

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