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Eric Foner

Fecha de nacimiento: 7. Febrero 1943
Otros nombres: エリック・フォーナー


Eric Foner es historiador estadounidense.

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Frases Eric Foner


„The Confederate government increasingly molded its policies in the interest of the planter class.“

— Eric Foner
Reconstruction: America's Unfinished Revolution, 1863-1877 (1988). pp. 14–15

„Essentially what Lincoln said is slavery is a form of theft, the theft of labor, one person stealing another person's labor without that person’s permission.“

— Eric Foner
As quoted in "Lincoln's Nuanced View of Slavery Explained By Renowned Historian", by Michelle Merlin, The Register Citizen (9 August 2012)


„If Robert E. Lee, who rebelled against the American government, deserves one, then why doesn't Nat Turner, who led a slave rebellion?“

— Eric Foner
As quoted in "Trump says it is 'foolish' to remove Confederate symbols" (17 August 2017), by Neil Munshi,

„I admire Lincoln very much.“

— Eric Foner
The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery (2010) p. xx


„South Carolina led the southern walk-out from the 1948 Democratic National Convention.“

— Eric Foner
As quoted in "The Historical Roots of Dylann Roof's Racism: South Carolina’s warped public display of its white-supremacist history confronts South Carolinians, white and black, with a stark message about who rules the state" (25 June 2015), The Nation

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