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Ernst Kaltenbrunner

Fecha de nacimiento: 4. Octubre 1903
Fecha de muerte: 16. Octubre 1946


Ernst Kaltenbrünner fue un abogado austriaco y general de las SS durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Fue sucesor de Reinhard Heydrich como Jefe de la Gestapo y la Oficina Central de Seguridad del Reich , y por ello se convirtió en un íntimo colaborador del Reichsführer de las SS Heinrich Himmler desde 1942 hasta 1945, cuando terminó la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Capturado por las tropas norteamericanas, fue puesto a disposición del Tribunal Militar Internacional y procesado durante los Juicios de Núremberg bajo las acusaciones de Crímenes de guerra y Crímenes contra la humanidad. Fue encontrado culpable y condenado a muerte, siendo colgado en la horca el 16 de octubre de 1946.

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Frases Ernst Kaltenbrunner


„(While playing solitaire and sipping cognac) It's all a lot of crap. The game is up.“

— Ernst Kaltenbrunner
To Adolf Eichmann, about the war, at a mountain villa in Austria. Quoted in "The Last 100 Days" - by John Toland - 1966

„Don't even step out of your garden gate until this matter has been clarified.“

— Ernst Kaltenbrunner
To Dr. Peter Kleist. Quoted in " The Last 100 Days" - by John Toland - 1966


„I am thought of as another Himmler. I'm not. The papers make me out as a criminal. I never killed anyone.“

— Ernst Kaltenbrunner
To Leon Goldensohn, 4/8/46, from "The Nuremberg Interviews" by Leon Goldensohn, Robert Gellately - History - 2004

„Please report to RF SS and to the Fuehrer that all arrangements against Jews, political and concentration camp internees in the Protectorate have been taken care of by me personally today.“

— Ernst Kaltenbrunner
Radio message to Gruppenführer Fegelein Hq. of the Führer through Sturmbannfuehrer Sansoni, Berlin. Quoted in "Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal" - Page 310 - Nuremberg, Germany - 1947


„Among the spiritual forces secretly working in the camp of Germany's enemies and their allies in this war, as in the last, stands Freemasonry, the danger of whose activities has been repeatedly stressed by the Fuehrer in his speeches. The present brochure, now made available to the German and European peoples in a 3rd edition, is intended to shed light on this enemy working in the shadows. Though an end has been put to the activities of Masonic organizations in most European countries, particular attention must still be paid to Freemasonry, and most particularly to its membership, as the implements of the political will of a supra-governmental power. The events of the summer of 1943 in Italy demonstrate once again the latent danger always represented by individual Freemasons, even after the destruction of their Masonic organizations. Although Freemasonry was prohibited in Italy as early as 1925, it has retained significant political influence in Italy through its membership, and has continued to exert that influence in secrecy. Freemasons thus stood in the first ranks of the Italian traitors who believed themselves capable of dealing Fascism a death blow at a critical juncture, shamelessly betraying the Italian nation. The intended object of the 3rd printing of this brochure is to provide a clearer knowledge of the danger of Masonic corruption, and to keep the will to self-defence alive.“

— Ernst Kaltenbrunner
Foreword in "Freemasonry: Ideology, Organization, and Policy," first published in 1944.

„Oppression is the essence of power.“

— Ernst Kaltenbrunner
To Heinrich Himmler. Quoted in "The Rand McNally Encyclopedia of World War II" - by John Keegan, Sydney L. Mayer - History - 1977 - Page 137

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