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Fecha de nacimiento: 45 d.C.
Fecha de muerte: 96 d.C.

Publio Papinio Estacio [a]​ fue un poeta y maestro latino.

„Hear oh hear, if my prayer be worthy and such as you yourself might whisper to my frenzy. Those I begot (no matter in what bed) did not try to guide me, bereft of sight and sceptre, or sway my grieving with words. Nay behold (ah agony!), in their pride, kings this while by my calamity, they even mock my darkness, impatient of their father's groans. Even to them am I unclean? And does the sire of the gods see it and do naught? Do you at least, my rightful champion, come hither and range all my progeny for punishment. Put on your head this gore-soaked diadem that I tore off with my bloody nails. Spurred by a father's prayers, go against the brothers, go between them, let steel make partnership of blood fly asunder. Queen of Tartarus' pit, grant the wickedness I would fain see.“

—  Statius, libro Thebaid

Original: (la) Exaudi, si digna precor quaeque ipsa furenti
subiceres. orbum visu regnisque carentem
non regere aut dictis maerentem flectere adorti,
quos genui quocumque toro; quin ecce superbi
—pro dolor!—et nostro jamdudum funere reges
insultant tenebris gemitusque odere paternos.
hisne etiam funestus ego? et videt ista deorum
ignavus genitor? tu saltem debita vindex
huc ades et totos in poenam ordire nepotes.
indue quod madidum tabo diadema cruentis
unguibus abripui, votisque instincta paternis
i media in fratres, generis consortia ferro
dissiliant. da, Tartarei regina barathri,
quod cupiam vidisse nefas.
Fuente: Thebaid, Book I, Line 73

„While spear in hand he repels the hounds agape to rend him.“

—  Statius, libro Thebaid

Original: (la) Tela manu, reicitque canes in vulnus hiantes.
Fuente: Thebaid, Book IV, Line 574 (tr. J. H. Mozley)

„The wood that crowns the peak of Nesis set fast in ocean.“

—  Statius, Silvae

i, line 148 (tr. J. H. Mozley)
Silvae, Book III
Original: (la) Silvaque quae fixam pelago Nesida coronat.

„A Nemean steed in terror of the fight bears the hero from the citadel of Pallas, and fills the fields with the huge flying shadow, and the long trail of dust rises upon the plain.“

—  Statius, libro Thebaid

Original: (la) Illum Palladia sonipes Nemeaeus ab arce
devehit arma pavens umbraque inmane volanti
implet agros longoque attollit pulvere campum.
Fuente: Thebaid, Book IV, Line 136 (tr. J. H. Mozley)

„…glad applause and the heaven-flung shout of the populace.“

—  Statius, libro Thebaid

Original: (la) Laetifici plausus missusque ad sidera vulgi
Fuente: Thebaid, Book XII, Line 521 (tr. J. H. Mozley)

„The claw tips are tamed with gold.“

—  Statius, libro Thebaid

Original: (la) Auro mansueverat ungues.
Fuente: Thebaid, Book VI, Line 724. Thomas Gray's translation: "And calm'd the terrors of his claws in gold".

„"The thunderbolt, ay, where the thunderbolt?" Apollo laments.“

—  Statius, libro Thebaid

Fulmen, io ubi fulmen?'
ait. gemit auctor Apollo.
Original: (la) Fulmen, io ubi fulmen?' ait. gemit auctor Apollo.
Fuente: Thebaid, Book X, Line 889 (tr. J. H. Mozley)

„Too little mindful of your folk.“

—  Statius, libro Thebaid

Original: (la) Nimiumque oblite tuorum.
Fuente: Thebaid, Book VII, Line 547

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„Spying a young plane tree with long stem and countless branches and summit aspiring to heaven.“

—  Statius, Silvae

iii, line 39 (tr. J. H. Mozley)
Silvae, Book II
Original: (la) Primaevam visu platanum, cui longa propago
innumeraeque manus et iturus in aethera vertex.

„All soil is human birthright.“

—  Statius, libro Thebaid

Variant translation: The whole world is a man's birthplace.
Original: (la) Omne homini natale solum.
Fuente: Thebaid, Book VIII, Line 320 (tr. J. H. Mozley)

„Whoever worships the gods in good faith, loves their priests too.“

—  Statius, Silvae

Preface, line 10
Silvae, Book V
Original: (la) Qui bona fide deos colit amat et sacerdotes.

„You are the grandson of the sky and sea.“

—  Statius, libro Achilleid

Original: (la) Tu caeli pelagique nepos.
Fuente: Achilleid, Book I, Line 869; Ulysses to Achilles.

„Fear (in times of doubt the worst of prophets)“

—  Statius, libro Thebaid

Original: (la) Plurima versat,
pessimus in dubiis augur, timor.
Fuente: Thebaid, Book III, Line 5
Contexto: Fear (in times of doubt the worst of prophets) revolves many things.

„The flame-appointed pyre.“

—  Statius, libro Thebaid

Original: (la) Damnatus flammae torus.
Fuente: Thebaid, Book VI, Line 55 (tr. J. H. Mozley)

„One of them, whose bent it was to harm the highest with lowly venom nor ever to bear with a willing neck the rulers placed over him.“

—  Statius, libro Thebaid

Original: (la) Aliquis, cui mens humili laesisse veneno
summa nec impositos umquam ceruice volenti
ferre duces.
Fuente: Thebaid, Book I, Line 171

„The flowing vineyards of Bacchic Gaurus.“

—  Statius, Silvae

v, line 99
Silvae, Book III
Original: (lv) Bacchei vineta madentia Gauri.

„Among them pert-faced Elegy draws near.“

—  Statius, Silvae

ii, line 7
Silvae, Book I
Original: (la) Quas inter vultu petulans Elegea propinquat.

„Tis noble to spare the vanquished.“

—  Statius, libro Thebaid

Original: (la) Pulchrum vitam donare minori.
Fuente: Thebaid, Book VI, Line 816 (tr. J. H. Mozley)

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“

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