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Georges Rouault

Fecha de nacimiento: 27. Mayo 1871
Fecha de muerte: 13. Febrero 1958


Georges Henri Rouault fue un pintor francés fauvista y expresionista. Trabajó además la litografía y el aguafuerte.

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Frases Georges Rouault


„Often pagans, with their eyes wide open, do not see very clearly.“

— Georges Rouault
Quoted in Lionello Venturi, Rouault. New York. 19. (1947)

„Painting for me is merely a means of forgetting life. It is a cry in the night. A sob broken off. A strangled laugh.“

— Georges Rouault
quoted by Henri Perruchot, in T-Lautrec, transl. Humphrey Hare; The World Publishing Company, Cleveland, Ohio, 1960/61, p. 51

„I am a believer and a conformist. Anyone can revolt; it is more difficult silently to obey our own interior promptings, and to spend our lives finding sincere and fitting means of expression for our temperaments and our gifts — if we have any. I do not say "neither God, nor Master," only in the end to substitute myself for the God I have excommunicated..."“

— Georges Rouault
Rouault, Georges. "Climat pictural." La Renaissance. XX, no. 10-12. (1937) Variant translation: Anybody can rebel. But to obey in silence, an inner calling to search lifelong without impatience for the means of expression adequate to us... that is much more difficult.

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