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Fecha de nacimiento: 29. Diciembre 1904
Fecha de muerte: 11. Noviembre 1994


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„When Manmatha kissed Rati, blood from her lips may have spit on earth and blossomed into rose on the plant and kisses the viewer's eyes with its beauty now!“

—  Kuvempu
The first is a poem on flowers translated from a Kannada poem, 'Poovu', and the second is linked mythological story and both are quoted in

„It is not correct to say that Valmiki is the only Ramayana poet. There are thousands of Ramayana poets. There is a Ramayana poet in every village.“

—  Kuvempu
He stated when he deviated from the Valmiki Ramayana epic story and was criticized for the changes made. Quoted in

„It was a day of blackest deed
When Delhi streets of fame
Did glitter well by cursed greed
Of harsh Timoor the lame.“

—  Kuvempu
From Kuvempu’s writings in English on the historical subject of Timoor’s invasion of India. Quoted here.

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