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Akira Kurosawa

Fecha de nacimiento: 23. Marzo 1910
Fecha de muerte: 6. Septiembre 1998

Akira Kurosawa fue uno de los más célebres directores de cine de Japón. Comenzó su carrera con Sugata Sanshiro , dirigió más de 30 películas, entre ellas algunas tan conocidas como Los siete samuráis, Rashōmon o Dersu Uzala. En 1990 recibió un Óscar honorífico por su trayectoria.

Frases Akira Kurosawa

„El hombre es un genio cuando se está soñando.“

„Directores de cine, o mejor dicho, las personas que crean cosas, son muy codiciosos y nunca puede estar satisfechos. Es por eso que se puede seguir trabajando. He sido capaz de trabajar durante tanto tiempo, porque creo que la próxima vez, voy a hacer algo bueno.“

„En un mundo loco, sólo los locos están cuerdos.“

„In a mad world, only the mad are sane.“

„Man is a genius when he is dreaming.“

„To be an artist means never to avert one's eyes.“

„People today have forgotten they're really just a part of nature. Yet, they destroy the nature on which our lives depend. They always think they can make something better. Especially scientists. They may be smart, but most don't understand the heart of nature. They only invent things that, in the end, make people unhappy. Yet they're so proud of their inventions. What's worse, most people are, too. They view them as if they were miracles. They worship them. They don't know it, but they're losing nature. They don't see that they're going to perish. The most important things for human beings are clean air and clean water.“ Yume

„I can’t afford to hate anyone. I don’t have that kind of time.“

„The role of the artist is to not look away.“

„I suppose all of my films have a common theme. If I think about it, though, the only theme I can think of is really a question: Why can’t people be happier together?“

„Although human beings are incapable of talking about themselves with total honesty, it is much harder to avoid the truth while pretending to be other people. They often reveal much about themselves in a very straightforward way. I am certain that I did. There is nothing that says more about its creator than the work itself.“ Something Like an Autobiography

„Page 61: No matter where I go in the world, although I can't speak any foreign language, I don't feel out of place. I think of earth as my home. If everyone thought this way, people might notice just how foolish international friction is and the would be put an end to it.“ Something Like an Autobiography

„There is nothing that says more about its creator than the work itself. [Pg.189]“ Something Like an Autobiography

„I like silent pictures and I always have... I wanted to restore some of this beauty. I thought of it, I remember in this way: one of techniques of modern art is simplification, and that I must therefore simplify this film.“

„For me, filmmaking combines everything. That’s the reason I’ve made cinema my life’s work. In films, painting and literature, theatre and music come together. But a film is still a film.“ Something Like an Autobiography

„but ignorance is a kind of insanity in the human animal. People who delight in torturing defenseless children or tiny creatures are in reality insane. The terrible thing is that people who are madmen in private may wear a totally bland and innocent expression in public.“ Something Like an Autobiography