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Ambrosio de Milán

Fecha de nacimiento: 339
Fecha de muerte: 397
Otros nombres:Ambrož z Milána, Sv. Ambróz


San Ambrosio de Milán fue un destacado obispo de Milán y un importante teólogo y orador. Hermano de santa Marcelina, es uno de los cuatro Padres de la Iglesia Latina y uno de los 36 doctores de la Iglesia católica.

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Frases Ambrosio de Milán

„When I am here I do not fast on Saturday; but when I am at Rome I do“

—  Ambrose
Context: When I am here I do not fast on Saturday; but when I am at Rome I do: whatever church you may come to, conform to its custom, if you would avoid either receiving or giving offense. Quoted in "Epistle to Casualanus", XXXVI, section 32, by St. Augustine; translation by J.G. Cunningham

„Formerly a lamb was offered, a calf was offered. Christ is offered today... and he offers himself as priest in order that he may remit our sins: here in image, there in truth where, as our advocate, he intercedes for us before the Father.“

—  Ambrose
De officiis ministrorum ("On the Offices of Ministers" or, "On the Duties of the Clergy"), Book I, ch. 48. In, The Eucharist in the West: History and Theology, Edward J. Kilmartin, SJ, Robert J. Daly, SJ, Editor, 1998, The Liturgical Press, , p. 19 Alternate translation: In old times a lamb, a Calf was offered; now Christ is offered. But He is offered as man and as enduring suffering. And He offers Himself as a priest to take away our sins, here in an image, there in truth, where with the Father He intercedes for us as our Advocate.


„If you are at Rome, live in the Roman style; if you are elsewhere, live as they live there.“

—  Ambrose
Quoted in Ductor Dubitantium, or the Rule of Conscience (1660) by Jeremy Taylor, I.i.5; commonly rendered into a proverb: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do", or simply "When in Rome..."

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