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Éamon de Valera

Fecha de nacimiento: 14. Octubre 1882
Fecha de muerte: 29. Agosto 1975


Éamon de Valera fue una de las figuras políticas dominantes de Irlanda en el siglo XX. Copropietario de The Irish Press, estuvo en cargo público desde 1917 a 1973, ocupando en varias ocasiones los puestos de primer ministro y presidente. Líder importante en la independencia de Irlanda del Reino Unido de Gran Bretaña e Irlanda y en la oposición al Tratado Anglo-Irlandés que desató la guerra civil irlandesa, De Valera fue el autor de la Constitución de Irlanda, la Bunreacht na hÉireann.

Fue matemático, profesor y político. Sirvió como jefe del gobierno irlandés en tres ocasiones: como príomh aire, como el segundo presidente del Consejo Ejecutivo y el primer taoiseach . Terminó su carrera política como presidente de Irlanda, cumpliendo dos periodos desde 1959 hasta 1973. Fue también canciller de la Universidad Nacional de Irlanda desde 1922 a 1975.

Frases Éamon de Valera


„The ideal Ireland that we would have, the Ireland that we dreamed of, would be the home of a people who valued material wealth only as a basis for right living, of a people who, satisfied with frugal comfort, devoted their leisure to the things of the spirit – a land whose countryside would be bright with cosy homesteads, whose fields and villages would be joyous with the sounds of industry, with the romping of sturdy children, the contest of athletic youths and the laughter of happy maidens, whose firesides would be forums for the wisdom of serene old age. The home, in short, of a people living the life that God desires that men should live. With the tidings that make such an Ireland possible, St. Patrick came to our ancestors fifteen hundred years ago promising happiness here no less than happiness hereafter. It was the pursuit of such an Ireland that later made our country worthy to be called the island of saints and scholars. It was the idea of such an Ireland - happy, vigorous, spiritual - that fired the imagination of our poets; that made successive generations of patriotic men give their lives to win religious and political liberty; and that will urge men in our own and future generations to die, if need be, so that these liberties may be preserved. One hundred years ago, the Young Irelanders, by holding up the vision of such an Ireland before the people, inspired and moved them spiritually as our people had hardly been moved since the Golden Age of Irish civilisation. Fifty years later, the founders of the Gaelic League similarly inspired and moved the people of their day. So, later, did the leaders of the Irish Volunteers. We of this time, if we have the will and active enthusiasm, have the opportunity to inspire and move our generation in like manner. We can do so by keeping this thought of a noble future for our country constantly before our eyes, ever seeking in action to bring that future into being, and ever remembering that it is for our nation as a whole that future must be sought.“

— Éamon de Valera
[ Radio broadcast], "On Language & the Irish Nation" (17 March 1943), often called "The Ireland that we dreamed of" speech


„A Dhomhnall, I have to tell you, you are abolished.“

— Éamon de Valera
To Domhnall O'Buachalla on abolishing the position of Governor-General

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