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Timothy Leary

Fecha de nacimiento: 22. Octubre 1920
Fecha de muerte: 31. Mayo 1996


Timothy Francis Leary, Ph.D. fue un escritor, psicólogo y entusiasta de la investigación y uso de drogas psicodélicas. También fue una de las primeras personas cuyos restos fueron enviados al espacio por petición propia. Fue un famoso proponente de los beneficios terapéuticos y espirituales del uso del LSD.

Frases Timothy Leary


„Emotions are the lowest form of consciousness. Emotional actions are the most contracted, narrowing, dangerous form of behavior.

The romantic poetry and fiction of the last 200 years has quite blinded us to the fact that emotions are an active and harmful form of stupor.

Any peasant can tell you that. Beware of emotions. Any child can tell you that. Watch out for the emotional person. He is a lurching lunatic.

Emotions are caused by biochemical secretions in the body to serve during the state of acute emergency. An emotional person is a blind, crazed maniac. Emotions are addictive and narcotic and stupefacient.

Do not trust anyone who comes on emotional.

What are the emotions? In a book entitled Interpersonal Diagnosis of Personality, written when I was a psychologist, I presented classifications of emotions and detailed descriptions of their moderate and extreme manifestations. Emotions are all based on fear. [... ]

The emotional person cannot think; he cannot perform any effective game action (except in acts of physical aggression and strength). The emotional person is turned off sensually. His body is a churning robot. [... ]

The only state in which we can learn, harmonize, grow, merge, join, understand is the absence of emotion. This is called bliss or ecstasy, attained through centering the emotions. [... ]

Conscious love is not an emotion; it is serene merging with yourself, with other people, with other forms of energy. Love cannot exist in an emotional state. [... ]

The great kick of the mystic experience, the exultant, ecstatic hit, is the sudden relief from emotional pressure.

Did you imagine that there could be emotions in heaven? Emotions are closely tied to ego games. Check your emotions at the door to paradise.“

— Timothy Leary, The Politics of Ecstasy

„Turn on, Tune in, Drop out“

— Timothy Leary, Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out

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