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Cees Nooteboom

Fecha de nacimiento: 31. Julio 1933

Cornelis Johannes Jacobus Maria Nooteboom es un poeta, novelista, ensayista, traductor e hispanista neerlandés.

Frases Cees Nooteboom

„Alguien que duerme está al mismo tiempo cerca y lejos, de ti y de sí mismo, impotente y, sin embargo, poderoso precisamente por su ausencia.“ Mokusei! Eine Liebesgeschichte

„Conversations consist for the most part of things one does not say.“

„Memory is like a dog that lies down where it pleases.“ Rituals

„Language is something you inherit, it's never just you doing the talking, which helps when you're pretending.“

„I looked out of the window and saw him sitting in the early rays of the sun, a dark silhouette in the sand, motionless as a rock, and knew at once that I had substituted one memory for another and that this one would leave me with as little peace as the other one had. I would exist in someone else's mind, without knowing who I was in there.“ Lost Paradise

„He read a lot, but what he read, and not just that but everything he saw, films and paintings, he translated into feeling. And this feeling, which could not immediately be expressed in words, not yet and maybe never, that formless mass of sentiments, impressions, observations — that was his way of thinking. You could circle around it with words, but there always remained far more that was not expressed than was. And later, too, a certain resentment would take possession of him, toward those people who demanded precise answers, or pretended to be able to give them. It was, on the contrary, the very mystery of everything that was so attractive. You should not want to impose too much order on it. If you did, something would be lost irrevocably. That mysteries can become more mysterious if you think about them with precision and method, he did not yet know. He felt at home in his sentimental chaos. To chart it you had to be an adult, but then you were at once labelled, finished, and in effect already a little dead.“ Rituals

„We are our secrets, and, if all goes well, we will take them with us to where no-one can touch them.“ 's Nachts komen de vossen

„Surely one zoo in the world should have the courage to draw the ultimate conclusion about our ancestry? A cage with Homo Sapiens in all its varying forms, perhaps then we would understand ourselves better. The question of course is whether the other animals would approve of it.“ Nomad's Hotel: Travels in Time and Space

„Je wordt natuurlijk wel gelooid. De wereld is daar heel goed in. Iedereen begint met talent, iedereen heeft een kaarsje en dat brandt. De meeste mensen laten het uitgaan of het wordt door anderen wel uitgeblazen. Dat begint al vroeg. Een kind tekent een huis met een veel te grote zon. De verhoudingen kloppen niet, zegt de volwassene. Dan ben je al bezig aan de afbraak. Of een kind vertelt een verhaal dat niet klopt. Dat heb je gelogen, zegt een volwassene. Nee, het kind heeft het verzonnen. Je moet tegen elke wind in, in iedere storm, dat kaarsje zien aan te houden.“

„He thought that, unlike most people, he had simply refused to let himself be brainwashed by newspapers, television, eschatologies, and philosophies into believing that "in spite of everything" this was an acceptable world simply because it existed. It would never become acceptable. Beloved maybe, acceptable never.“ Rituals

„So-called real life has only once interfered with me, and it had been a far cry from what the words, lines, books had prepared me for. Fate had to do with blind seers, oracles, choruses announcing death, not with panting next to the refrigerator, fumbling with condoms, waiting in a Honda parked round the corner and surreptitious encounters in a Lisbon hotel. Only the written word exists, everything one must do oneself is without form, subject to contingency without rhyme or reason. It takes too long. And if it ends badly the metre isn't right, and there's no way to cross things out.“ The Following Story

„Wij hebben het nu over jou. Vergeet niet, ik ben notaris geweest. Ik maak die dingen altijd af. Wat wil jij worden?'
'Ik weet het niet.'
Hij begreep dat dat geen goed antwoord was, maar het was het enige, zelfs als iemand graag altijd alles afmaakte. Hij had geen flauw idee. Eigenlijk wist hij zeker dat hij nooit iets wou, maar ook nooit iets zóú worden. De wereld was al boordevol met mensen die iets waren, en de meesten waren er duidelijk niet gelukkig mee.“

„Kummer hat etwas in den Linien deines Gesichts zu suchen, nicht in deiner Erinnerung.“

„When a memory fails to appear, it seems as though the time when it was created did not really exist, and maybe that is true. Time itself is nothing; only the experience of it is something. When that dies, it assumes the form of a denial, the symbol of mortality, what you have already lost before you lose everything. When his friend had said something similar to his father, his response had been, "If you had to retain everything, you’d explode. There’s simply not enough space for it all. Forgetting is like medicine; you have to take it at the right time.“ Roads to Berlin

„La foto è il feticcio che ti dovrebbe riportare indietro il tempo, ma il guadagno coincide con la perdita: in cambio del ricordo di un te stesso precedente ricevi la consapevolezza di ciò che è definitivamente passato, dell'istante che non tornerà mai più mentre ciò che volevi era proprio fermarlo.“

„All right, she thought I was a funny little geezer, but my charred Phaethon had impressed her, I was very obviously available, and she was out for revenge. What makes Greek tragedies great is that this brand of psychological nonsense doesn't enter into it at all. I had wanted to tell her that too, but unfortunately conversations consist for the most part of things one does not say. We are descendents, we do not have mythical lives, but psychological ones. And we know everything, we are always our own chorus.“ The Following Story

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