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Henri Bergson

Fecha de nacimiento: 18. Octubre 1856
Fecha de muerte: 4. Enero 1941
Otros nombres:Henri Louis Bergson


Henri-Louis Bergson o Henri Bergson fue un filósofo francés, ganador del Premio Nobel de Literatura en 1927.

Frases Henri Bergson


„This explains the primary mission which he feels to be entrusted to him, that of an intensifier of religious faith.“

— Henri Bergson
Context: Religion is to mysticism what popularization is to science. What the mystic finds waiting for him, then, is a humanity which has been prepared to listen to his message by other mystics invisible and present in the religion which is actually taught. Indeed his mysticism itself is imbued with this religion, for such was its starting point. His theology will generally conform to that of the theologians. His intelligence and his imagination will use the teachings of the theologians to express in words what he experiences, and in material images what he sees spiritually. And this he can do easily, since theology has tapped that very current whose source is the mystical. Thus his mysticism is served by religion, against the day when religion becomes enriched by his mysticism. This explains the primary mission which he feels to be entrusted to him, that of an intensifier of religious faith. Chapter III : Dynamic Religion

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