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Jared Diamond

Fecha de nacimiento: 10. Septiembre 1937
Otros nombres:Jared Mason Diamond


Jared Mason Diamond, CFA es un geógrafo y escritor estadounidense de literatura científica, biólogo, fisiólogo evolucionista y biogeógrafo. Doctor por la Universidad de Cambridge, Reino Unido. Actualmente es profesor de geografía en la Universidad de California en Los Ángeles.

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Frases Jared Diamond


„[.. ] the values to which people cling most stubbornly under inappropriate conditions are those values that were previously the source of their greatest triumphs.“

— Jared Diamond, Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed
Cited by Tim Flannery, "Learning from the past to change our future", Science, volume 307, 7 January 2005, page 45.


„Those numbers ay not sound like a bid deal until one reflects that average global temperatures were "only" 5 degrees cooler at the height of the last Ice Age.“

— Jared Diamond
About global warming. Chapter "The world as a polder: what does it all mean to us today?", section "The most serious problems" (Penguin Books, 2011, page 493, .

„Remember that impact is the product of two factors: population multiplied times impact per person.“

— Jared Diamond
Chapter "The world as a polder: what does it all mean to us today?", section "Reasons for hope" (Penguin Books, 2011, page 524, .

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