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Niklas Luhmann

Fecha de nacimiento: 8. Diciembre 1927
Fecha de muerte: 6. Noviembre 1998


Niklas Luhmann fue un sociólogo alemán reconocido por su formulación de la teoría general de los sistemas sociales.

Frases Niklas Luhmann

„Does knowledge rest on construction in the sense that it only functions because the knowing system is operatively closed, therefore: because it can maintain no operative contact with the outside world; and because it therefore remains dependent, for everything that it constructs, on its own distinction between self-reference and allo-reference?“

— Niklas Luhmann
Luhmann (1991) “Wie lassen sich latente Strukturen beobachten?,” in , Peter Krieg (eds.), Das Auge des Betrachters: Beiträge zum Konstruktivismus. Festschrift für Heinz von Foerster, Piper, München-Zürich, p. 71; cited in: Heinz von Foerster (1993) "[ For Niklas Luhmann: “How Recursive is Communication?” ]". Tranlated by Richard Howe.


„No matter how abstractly formulated are a general theory of systems, a general theory of evolution and a general theory of communication, all three theoretical components are necessary for the specifically sociological theory of society. They are mutually interdependent.“

— Niklas Luhmann
Luhmann (1982) The Differentiation of Society, Translated by Stephen Holmes and Charles Larmore. Columbia University Press, New York, 1982, pp. 261. Cited in: (2000) "[ Luhmann, Habermas, and the Theory of Communication]".


„Humans cannot communicate; not even their brains can communicate; not even their conscious minds can communicate. Only communication can communicate.“

— Niklas Luhmann
Luhmann (1988) "How can the mind participate in communication" In: Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht et all. (Ed.) Materialities of Communication. p. 371 ([ link]).

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