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Richard Strauss

Fecha de nacimiento: 11. Junio 1864
Fecha de muerte: 8. Septiembre 1949


Richard Georg Strauss fue un destacado compositor y director de orquesta alemán cuya larga trayectoria abarca desde el romanticismo tardío hasta la primera mitad del siglo XX. Es conocido particularmente por sus óperas, poemas sinfónicos y lieder. Strauss, junto con Gustav Mahler, representa el extraordinario florecimiento tardío del romanticismo germánico después de Richard Wagner, en el cual un desarrollo elaborado y complejo de la orquestación se une a un estilo armónico avanzado. La música de Strauss influyó profundamente en el desarrollo de la música del siglo XX.

Frases Richard Strauss


„Man (in B major) asks: When? When? Nature, (in C Major) answers from the depths Never, never, never will the weather improve".“

— Richard Strauss
Whilst composing Also Sprach Zarthustra, Strauss made this joke about the Bavaria weather to his friend, the conductor Max von Schillings. Quoted in Kurt Wilhelm, Richard Strauss - an intimate portrait, page 73.


„I am not one to compose long melodies as did Mozart. I can’t get beyond short themes. But what I can do, is utilize such a theme, paraphrase it and extract everything that is in it, and I don’t think there’s anybody today who can match me in that.“

— Richard Strauss
Quotes from Stefan Zweigs's posthumous memoire, The World of Yesterday. Zweig worked with Strauss closely on the opera The Silent Woman in the period 1931-1934 and got to know him well.

„My wife, my child, my music, Nature and the sun; they are my happiness.“

— Richard Strauss
written on the sketches for his Domestic Symphony. Charles Youmans, Mahler and Strauss in Dialogue, Indiana University press (2016), found on page 60.


„I hope, most revered Maestro, that these metronome markings, in my opinion wholly unneeded by you, are specific enough. Where they do not fit with your conception, I implore you urgently just to ignore them.“

— Richard Strauss
Letter to Hans Von Bulow, 15th January 1890, in Schuh and Trenner, Hans von Bulow and Richard Strauss: Correspondence, in English Boosey and Hawkes 1955. Von Bulow had asked for metronome markings from Strauss for Don Juan. [Italics Strauss]

„Why don't people see what is new in my work, how in them, as is found only in Beethoven, the human being visibly plays a part in the work.“

— Richard Strauss
19th June 1949, in Willi Schuh, Strauss the early years, 1982, Cambridge University Press, page xiii.

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