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Thomas Young Davis

Fecha de nacimiento: 13. Junio 1773
Fecha de muerte: 10. Mayo 1829


Thomas Young [1]​ fue un científico inglés. Young es célebre por su experimento de la doble rendija que mostraba la naturaleza ondulatoria de la luz y por haber ayudado a descifrar los jeroglíficos egipcios a partir de la piedra Rosetta.

Frases Thomas Young Davis


„When I was a boy, I thought myself a man. Now that I am a man, I find myself a boy.“

— Thomas Young (scientist)
as quoted by Horatio B. Williams, Thomas Young, The Man and Physician, J. Opt. Soc. Am. 20, 35-49 (1930).


„This statement appears to us to be conclusive with respect to the insufficiency of the undulatory theory, in its present state, for explaining all the phenomena of light. But we are not therefore by any means persuaded of the perfect sufficiency of the projectile system: and all the satisfaction that we have derived from an attentive consideration of the accumulated evidence, which has been brought forward, within the last ten years, on both sides of the question, is that of being convinced that much more evidence is still wanting before it can be positively decided. In the progress of scientific investigation, we must frequently travel by rugged paths, and through valleys as well as over mountains. Doubt must necessarily succeed often to apparent certainty, and must again give place to a certainty of a higher order; such is the imperfection of our faculties, that the descent from conviction to hesitation is not uncommonly as salutary, as the more agreeable elevation from uncertainty to demonstration. An example of such alternations may easily be adduced from the history of chemistry. How universally had phlogiston once expelled the aërial acid of Hooke and Mayow. How much more completely had phlogiston given way to oxygen! And how much have some of our best chemists been lately inclined to restore the same phlogiston to its lost honours! although now again they are beginning to apprehend that they have already done too much in its favour. In the mean time, the true science of chemistry, as the most positive dogmatist will not hesitate to allow, has been very rapidly advancing towards ultimate perfection.“

— Thomas Young (scientist)
Miscellaneous Works: Scientific Memoirs (1855) [ Vol. 1], ed. George Peacock & John Leitch, p. 249

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