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Walter Lippmann

Fecha de nacimiento: 23. Septiembre 1889
Fecha de muerte: 14. Diciembre 1974
Otros nombres:والتر لیپمن,والتر ليبمان,Walter Lippman


Walter Lippmann [1]​ fue un intelectual estadounidense. Como periodista, comentarista político, crítico de medios y filósofo, intentó reconciliar la tensión existente entre libertad y democracia en el complejo mundo moderno . Obtuvo dos veces el Premio Pulitzer por su columna Today and Tomorrow .

Frases Walter Lippmann

„Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.“

— Walter Lippmann
[ The Stakes of Diplomacy] (1915)


„A large plural society cannot be governed without recognizing that, transcending its plural interests, there is a rational order with a superior common law.“

— Walter Lippmann
[ Essays in the Public Philosophy] (1955)

„Whether or not birth control is eugenic, hygienic, and economic, it is the most revolutionary practice in the history of sexual morals.“

— Walter Lippmann
A Preface To Morals, (1982, originally published 1929 by Macmillan), Transaction Publishers p. 291. [,+hygienic,+and+economic%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=_NflU6n5Fqz28QHs9IGQBQ&ved=0CDoQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=%22Whether%20or%20not%20birth%20control%20is%20eugenic%2C%20hygienic%2C%20and%20economic%22&f=false]


„The principles of the good society call for a concern with an order of being--which cannot be proved existentially to the sense organs--where it matters supremely that the human person is inviolable, that reason shall regulate the will, that truth shall prevail over error.“

— Walter Lippmann
[ Essays in The Public Philosophy] (1955)

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