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Indro Montanelli

Fecha de nacimiento: 22. Abril 1909
Fecha de muerte: 22. Julio 2001


Indro Montanelli fue un periodista, escritor e historiador italiano.

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Frases Indro Montanelli


„Which ever one of you will want to become a journalist, let him remember to choose his own master: the reader.“

—  Indro Montanelli
From a lecture of journalism at the University of Turin, 12 May 1997; cited in ', 14 April, 2009.

„Let not the usual abstract arguments be brought to me, like the sacredness of life: no one contests the right of everyone to arrange their own life, I don't see why their own death has to be contested.“

—  Indro Montanelli
cited in Enrico Bonerandi, Montanelli: pronto a morire, in la Repubblica, 13 December 2000, p. 36.

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