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„What Crowley's writing, what he was getting, what he was pointing to, is that the entire reason you are here is to do what, wathever you wanna call it, god, the divine mind, whatever, put you here to do. That's what he meant when he said "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law", it means if you do what you are here to do, everything else is going to fall into place, but before you know what your will is a lot of times, you have to go through the awakening process, you know, what they call enlightenment in the east, or crossing the abyss in the west. Well, whenever you go trough this process, suddenly everything that is not you, everything that is ego, starts to fall away, and you start to see what you truly are, and what you really truly are not. Now when that happens, it will cause profound changes in your life, because ninety nine percent of what we do in our lives is ego driven, and by ego i don´t mean when you think about people that are full of themselves, that's not what it means. Ego is anything within your psyche, anything within your consciousness that creates the illusion that you are separate from other people, from god, from the universe, from anything. Any sense of separation that you have is ego. Well, what happens whenever you transcend that, whenever that starts to disintegrate, whenever you start to see through the illusion of ego, you start to see what you're here for, and your first clue to what you're here for, for what your will is, is what really makes you happy, what is it that when you do you lose yourself in it, you get so immersed in it, that you don't thing about anything else, that's what your will is. Well, when you start to reach that point you start to look around you and realize the mess you've made of your life. It could be something as profound as, like, the example that i give as i've seen people that say whenever they go trough this process they realize they were born on the wrong sex, like "Suddenly i'm awake and i realize i don't want to be a man, i want to have the expierence of being a woman, that's what i'm here for", well, if you suppress that and you say that would upend my entire life, and you start pressing that down, then it's going to create psychic tension, force and pressure that is going to manifest in all sources of ways(Duncan answers: "Disease") it´s going to make you even more miserable in life… Yes! It could be anything from cancer to just all of your relationships to disintegrate, you lose your job, whatever it is because you are basically fighting againts god.“

—  Damien Echols 1974

Fuente: The Duncan Trussell Family Hour Podcast #314 with Damien Echols.

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„Apunta a la Luna y, si fallas, al menos estarás entre las estrellas.“

—  Cecelia Ahern novelista irlandesa 1981

P.S. I Love You
Variante: Apunta a la luna y si fallas, al menos estaras entre las estrellas.

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„Cuando el sistema falla yo soy el responsable“

—  Barack Obama 44.º presidente de los Estados Unidos 1961

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